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Persistence of fertile and hydrous lithospheric mantle beneath the northwestern Ethiopian plateau: Evidence from modal, trace element and Sr-Nd-Hf isotopic compositions of amphibole-bearing mantle xenoliths 2017 284 401-415
Nature and evolution of lithospheric mantle beneath the southern Ethiopian rift zone: evidence from petrology and geochemistry of mantle xenoliths 2017 106 939-958
Bulk magnetic domain stability controls paleointensity fidelity 2017 114 13120-13125
Qualitative analysis of MTEM response using instantaneous attributes 2017 146 37-45
Porosity inversion by Caianiello neural networks with Levenberg-Marquardt optimization 2017 5 SL33-SL42
Experimental study on cracking behaviour of moulded gypsum containing two non-parallel overlapping flaws under uniaxial compression 2017 33 394-405
Petrographic shock indicators and noble gas signatures in a H and an L chondrite from Antarctica 2017 146 20-29
Plastic-strain-dependent strength model to simulate the cracking process of brittle rocks with an existing non-persistent joint 2017 231 114-125
An Analytical Solution for Block Toppling Failure of Rock Slopes during an Earthquake 2017 7 -
Unusual replacement of Fe-Ti oxides by rutile during retrogression in amphibolite-hosted veins (Dabie UHP terrane): A mineralogical record of fluid-induced oxidation processes in exhumed UHP slabs 2017 102 2268-2283
Flotation separation of chalcopyrite from talc using carboxymethyl chitosan as depressant 2017 53 1255-1263
Fluid geochemistry and geothermometry applications of the Kangding high-temperature geothermal system in eastern Himalayas 2017 81 63-75
Three-dimensional structural model of the Qaidam basin: Implications for crustal shortening and growth of the northeast Tibet 2017 9 174-185
Neotectonic interpretations and PS-InSAR monitoring of crustal deformations in the Fujian area of China 2017 9 126-132
Distribution and controls of heavy metals and organic matter in the surface sediments of the Southern Yellow Sea, China 2017 24 23069-23079
Early dolomitisation of the Lower-Middle Ordovician cyclic carbonates in northern Tarim Basin, NW China 2017 60 1283-1298
简化结构混合域全波形反演多GPU加速策略 2017 60 665-677
Hydrochemistry, multidimensional statistics, and rock mechanics investigations for Sanshandao Gold Mine, China 2017 10 -
On the wave number 2 eastward propagating quasi 2day wave at middle and high latitudes 2017 122 4489-4499
Comparison of artificial absorbing boundaries for acoustic wave equation modelling 2017 48 76-93