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Jin Weijun
Highest Education  
Subject Categories  
  Exploration Geophysics & Structural Geology
Zip Code  
  No.19 Beitucheng West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100029, China

Education and Appointments:
  • Sep., 1980-July, 1984, Huainan Mining Institute, Geology and exploration, B. Eng.
  • Sep., 1986-July, 1989, Huainan Mining Institute, Structural geology, MSC
  • Sep., 1992-July, 1995, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), Tectonics, PHD
  • Lecturer 1989-1992 Huainan Mining Institute
  • Postdoctor 1995-1997,Solid Geophysics, Graduate school, Chinese Academic of Sciences.
  • Associate Research Prof.1998-1999, Applied geophysics division, Institute of Geophysics, Chinese Academy Sciences
  • Associate Research Prof.1999-2008, Engineering geology and applied geophysics division, Institute of Geology & Geophysics, Chinese Academy Sciences
  • Associate Research Prof.2008-2012.7, Oil gas resource division, Institute of Geology & Geophysics, Chinese Academy Sciences
  • Associate Research Prof. 2012.7-date, Engineering Geology & water resource division, Institute of Geology & Geophysics, Chinese Academy Sciences

Research Interests:

Exploration Geophysics, Tectonics

Public Services:

  • Academic visitor,2001.1-2002.3 Royal fellowship, School of Earth Sciences, Leeds University
  • Sept. 2014,First award by China Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering, 2014YK(J)-1-07-R04

Supported Projects:
  1. 2009-2009 Coal mine cavity probing of new plan in Menchaogou district, Beijing city(TEM, Seismic reflection, refraction and surface wave  survey)  
  2. 2009-2010  Primary investigate , Coal mine cavity in DC resistive survey(DC, Surface wave ).  Baorexile limited company, Shenhua Group  
  3. 2010-2011 Primary investigate, Geophysics prospecting of  No.8 section Cross Lanchenjiang of  Sino- Myanmar oil pipeline(EH4,DC). China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering limited Company 
  4. 2010-2012  Geophysics prospecting of  limestone cavity along Yichen-Badong Highway(EH4,DC,TEM), Hubei Prov.  Communications Department  
  5. 2011-2011 Geological Feasibility Research of light source laboratory in Beijing( EH4,DC,Surface wave and refraction tomography), Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 
  6. 2012-2012 Primary investigate, Geophysical prospecting of nnderground oil reservoir tank, Jiagedaqi, Heilongjiang  Prov. (DC,AMT) . Daqi  Petroleum Engineering limited Company 
  7. 2013-2013 Primary investigate, Geophysical prospecting of  LHHASO cite.  Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 
  8. 2013-2013 Primary investigate,  Geophysical prospecting of active fault in Bailongjiang region of Northeastern Tibet. Institute of geological mechanics, Chinese Geological Academy of Sciences
  9. 2014-2014 One of Primary investigate, DaoCheng LHHASO geological and geophysics exploration.Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  10. 2014-2014 Primary investigate, Geophysical prospecting of oil reservoir tank, Jiagedaqi, Heilongjiang  Prov. (DC,AMT) . Daqi  Petroleum Engineering limited Company

Selected Publication:


  1. Jin W.J., The exhumation models of eclogites and significance in analyzing tectonic evolution, Anhui Geology, 1995,5 (2), (in Chinese), P.22-28
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