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Hao Tianyao
Highest Education  
  Bachelor Degree
Subject Categories  
  Comprehensive Geophysics
Zip Code  
  No.19 Beitucheng West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100029, China

Education and Appointments:

Hao Tianyao

BORN: 1957, in Beijing; Female.

Professor of Geophysics, doctoral advisor, director of Oil and Gas laboratory of Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, director of Key Laboratory of Petroleum Geophysics (KLPG).

  • The Principal Investigator (PI) of National Research Projects:
    National Climbing Plans, National High Technology Research and Development Programs, National Basic Research Programs, National Natural Science Foundations, Major research Programs of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Major International Cooperation Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • Editorial Responsibilities:
    Chinese Journal of Geophysics (Associate Editor in Chief)) , Progress in Geophysics (Associate Editor in Chief), Marine Origin Petroleum Geology (Editor) 
Postdoc, PhD and MSc Students
(1) Graduate Students and Postdoc 
     PhD. student
     Graduated:  Liu Zhenfeng, Dai Minggang, Li Jun, Zhao Baimin, Xu Ya, Li Zhiwei
     Current graduate student:  Huang Song, Dong Chongzhi, Qin Jingxin 
     MSc. Student
     Graduated:  Zhao Yuhe, Wang beibei
     Current graduate student:  Lv Chuanchuan, Peng Lili
     Past Postdoc.
     Zhang Lili
(2) Joint PhD. program
     PhD. Student
     Graduated:  Gu Yunfei (Liaohe Oilfield), Zhan Chunguang (Shengli Oilfield), Zhao Minghai (Shengli Oilfield), Ding Jianrong (Jiangsu Oilfield), Guo Qiulin (Exploration & Production Research Institute, Petroleum China)
     Current graduate student:  Yuan Shuqin (Dagang Oilfield), Peng Cuncang (Shengli Oilfield), Huang Yongmei (Shengli Marine Exploration Ltd. Co.)

Research Interests:
Comprehensive geophysics of petroleum in inshore and offshore areas
Public Services:

  1. "National outstanding scientific and technological workers",2012.
  2. "Excellent teachers of Chinese Academy of Sciences", 2006.
  3. "The Fu Chengyi Science and Technology Award for young scientist", 2002.

Supported Projects:
  1. Marine controlled-source electromagnetic detection system, 2013-2014, Equipment development projects Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  2. Integrated geophysical research on the crust-mantle structure and the structural relationship of deep and shallow structure in Yellow Sea and its adjacent areas. National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2013-2017.
  3. The deep structure characteristics and structural properties in the North and South continental margin of the South China Sea. National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2011-2013.
  4. The deep structure of Bohai Sea and adjacent regions and its response to the destruction of the North China Craton. Major Project of the Destruction of the North China Craton, National Natural Science Foundation of China (90814011), 2009-2012;
  5. The structural character of the crust and upper mantle in Yellow Sea area and its shallow and deep tectonic mechanism. Major International Cooperation Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China (40620140435) , 2007.1-2010.12;
  6. The geophysical study of tectonic contrast between China and Korea. National Natural Science Foundation of China (40674046) ,  2007.01-2009.12;
  7. The comprehensive petroleum exploration technology of marine residual basin. The objective project of “11th Five-Year Plan”,  National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 program). (2006AA09Z359), 2006-2009;
  8. The geophysical field and deep dynamic characters of South Yellow Sea. National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program) . (2007CB4117-01-05), 2007-2011;
  9. The lithospheric structure of China marginal Seas. National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program) (G20000467-01), 2000-2005;
  10. The petroleum exploration technology of pre-Cenozoic residual basins in China Marginal Seas. The prospective project of “10th Five-Year Plan”, National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 program).(2004AA615010), 2005-2006;
  11. The petroleum resources of pre-Cenozoic marine-facies residual basins in Bohai Sea and surrounding regions. Knowledge Innovation Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. (KZCX1-SW-18), 2003-2006;
  12. The Moho distribution of Chinese Continent and Marine, The project of Qingdao Institute of Marine Geology, 2008-2012;
  13. The tectonic study of tertiary basement in Qikou region. The project of Dagang Oilfield, 2005-2006;

Selected Publication:


  1. LIU Li-hua, LV Chuan-chuan, HAO Tian-yao, YOU Qing-yu, ZHENG Yan-peng, ZHI Peng-yao, PAN Jun, LIU Shao-hua. Data processing methods of OBS and its development tendency in detection of offshore oil and gas resources. Progress in Geophysics, 2012, 27(6): 2673-2684.


  1. HAO Tian-Yao, XU Ya, SUN Fu-Li, YOU Qing-Yu, LV Chuan-Chuan, HUANG Song, QIU Xue-Lin, HU Wei-Jian, ZHAO Ming-Hui.Integrated geophysical research on the tectonic attribute of conjugate continental margin of South China Sea. Chinese J.Geophys. (in Chinese),2011,54(12): 3098-3116.
  2. HAO Tian-Yao, YOU Qing-Yu.Progress of homemade OBS and its application on ocean bottom structure survey. Chinese J.Geophys. (in Chinese),2011,54(12): 3352-3361.
  3. XU Ya, HAO Tian-Yao, HUNG Song, LI Zhi-Wei, LV Chuan-Chuan, ZHAO Bai-Min, HU Wei-Jian.Crustal and mantle structure of the Bohai bay area based on the gravity and magnetic data. Chinese J.Geophys. (in Chinese),2011,54(12): 3344-3351.
  4. QIN Jing-Xin, HAO Tian-Yao, XU Ya, HUANG Song, LV Chuan-Chuan, HU Wei-Jian.The distribution characteristics and the relationship between the tectonic units of the Moho Depth in South China Sea and Adjacent Areas. Chinese J.Geophys. (in Chinese),2011,54(12): 3171-3183.
  5. LV Chuan-Chuan, HAO Tian-Yao, QIU Xue-Lin, ZHAO Ming-Hui, YOU Qing-Yu.A study on the deep structure of the northern part of southwest sub-basin from ocean bottom seismic data, South China Sea. Chinese J.Geophys. (in Chinese),2011,54(12): 3129-3138.
  6. HU Wei-Jian, JIANG Wei-Wei, HAO Tian-Yao, XU Ya, ZHAO Bai-Min.Integrated geophysical research on the distribution of Pre-Cenozoic residual basins in the South China Sea. Chinese J.Geophys. (in Chinese),2011,54(12): 3315-3324.


  1. HAO Tian-Yao, HUANG Song, XU Ya, LI Zhi-Wei, ZHANG Li-Li, WANG Jia-Lin, Suh Mancheol, Kim Kwangkee.Geophysical understandings on deep structure in Yellow Sea. Chinese J.Geophys. (in Chinese),2010,53(6): 1315-1326.
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  1. HAO Tian-Yao; XU Ya; ZHAO Bai-Min; ZHANG Yong-Jun; PENG Li-Li. Geophysical research on distribution features of magnetic basements in the South China Sea. Chinese J.Geophys. (in Chinese),2009,52(11): 2763-2774.


  1. HAO Tian-Yao; HUANG Song; XU Ya; LI Zhi-Wei; XU Yi; LEI Shou-Min; YANG Jin-Yu. Comprehensive geophysical research on the deep structure of Northeastern South China Sea. Chinese J.Geophys. (in Chinese),2008,51(6): 1785-1796.
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  2. HAO Tian yao, YANG Chang chun; LIU Hong;SONG Hai bin;JIANG Wei wei. Integrated geological and geophysical study for pre cenozoic hydrocarbon resources in the circum bohai area. Progress in Geophysics, 2007, 22(4): 1269-1279.


  1. HAO Tian-Yao; XU Ya; XU Yi; Suh Mancheol; LIU Jian-Hua; DAI Ming-Gang; LIZhi-Wei. Some new understandings on deep structure in Yellow Sea and East China Sea. Chinese J.Geophys. (in Chinese),2006,49(2): 458-468.


  1. HAO Tian-Yao; LIU Jian-Hua; GUO Feng; HUANG Zhong-Xian; XU Yi; DAI Ming-Gang; LI An-Chun; FU Yong-Tao. Research on crustal structure and lithosphere property in the Okinawa area. Chinese J.Geophys. (in Chinese),2004,47(3): 462-468.


  1. Hao T.Y., Liu J.H., Suh Mancheol, et al., Deep structure characteristics and geological evolution of the Yellow Sea and its adjacent regions. Chinese J.Geophys. 2003, 46(6): 803~808.
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