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CHEN Daizhao
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  No.19 Beitucheng Xilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100029, China

Education and Appointments:
Dr. Daizhao, CHEN, Prof., Sedimentary Geology, Sedimentary Geochemistry
1989 - 1992: Institute of Geology, CAS (Carbonate Sedimentology), Ph.D.
1986 - 1989: Beijing Grad. Schl., China Univ. Mining and Techn. (Siliciclastic Sedimentology), MS
1980 - 1984: Hunan Univ. Sci. and Techn. (Geology and Exploration). BS
Professional Experiences:
March, 2003 - Now: Prof., Institute of Geology & Geophysics, CAS.
March, 2002 - March, 2003: Postdoc., University of Regina, Canada
July, 2000 - March, 2002: Assoc. Prof., Institute of Geology & Geophysics, CAS.
June, 1999 - June, 2000: KC Wong-RoyalSoc. Postdoc Fellow, University of Durham. Nov.,
1998 - June, 1999: Institute of Geology, CAS.
Dec., 1997 - Dec., 1998: Visiting scholar, University of Durham.
Oct., 1992 - Nov., 1997: Assist. Assoc. Prof., Institute of Geology, CAS.
July, 1984 - Aug., 1986: Assistant, Hunan Univ. Sci. and Techn.
Courses Taught:
1. Sequence Stratigraphy for MS graduate students, at University of CAS
2. Sedimentary Geology for Ph D students
Academic Esteem:
Co-conveners of “Carbonates and Evaporites” session, 17th International Sedimentological Congress, Fukuoko, Japan, 2006.
Invited speaker in the Special Symposium on “Boundary Events and Global changes”, 17th International Sedimentological Congress, Fukuoko, Japan, 2006.
Associate Editor of journal Facies
Editorial member of Acta Sedimentologica Sinica.
Guest co-editor for a special issue (Carbonates: physical, chemical and biological processes) of Sedimentary Geology.
Academic Association Affiliated:
International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS);
SEPM of Sedimentary Geology;
Sedimentology and Sed. Geol. Divi., Min. Petrol. Geochem. Soc. Chin. & Geol. Soc. Chin.

Research Interests:
My research interests cover many aspects of “softrock” geology, particularly on carbonate sedimentology, cyclostratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy of carbonates, diagenesis (particularly dolomitization) and their application in reservoir characterization; Basin analysis; Sedimentary geochemistry (isotope and REE geochemistry) and palaeoceanography; deep-time geosystems.
    In the aspects of sequence/cycle stratigraphy studies, my studies aim to delineate the tempo-spatial variations of depositional facies in the chronostratigaphic framework, and carbonate platform evolution in the basin. In the aspect of diagenesis, my study integrates the petrography with geochemistry to investigate diagenesis of carbonate rocks, especially dolomitization, and its implication on reservoir development and mineralization in the sedimentary basins. My recent researches on this aspect focus on the dolomitization and reservoir characterization of the Lower Paleozoic carbonates, Tarim Basin, NW China.
    My other study interests are involved with sedimentary geochemistry, paleoceanography, boundary events and earth system processes, in which my studies integrate detailed sedimento-stratigraphic investigations with geochemical approaches (i.e., isotope geochemistry and REE geochemistry) to characterize the abrupt geological events during several critical transitions of the Earth hishtory and their mechanisms. My current researches in this aspect mainly focus on the Devonian Frasnian-Famennian, Precambrian-Cambrian, and Ordovician-Silurian transitions, involving with their tectonic, paleoceanographic and climatic variations on the global basis. These studies aims to document the interactions of land-ocean-atmosphere-biosphere and the mechanism of marine extreme environments and ecological crisis (or collapse).
Public Services:


Supported Projects:
Recent Research Projects:
1. Major controlling factors and distribution of deep-buried dolomite reservoirs in Tarim Basin (Nat. Spec. Sci.-Techn. Prog. Subtask, PI, 2008-2010);
2. Favourable Paleozoic source rocks in Mid-Upper Yangtze region: Geo-biospheric synergistic processes (NSFC principal project 40839907, PI, 2009-2012);
3. Mechanism of dolomitization in central Tarim Basin (Sinopec Res. Inst., Co-PI, 2007-2009);
4. Tectono-Sedimentary settings for the marine source rocks in Yangtze block (Nat. Basic Res. Prog.-973, 2005CB422101, Subtask, PI, 2005-2010);
5. Applications of magnetic susceptbility on ancient rocks (IGCP 580, Co-leader, 2009-2014).

Selected Publication:
  1. Liu, M., Chen, D.Z*., Zhou, X.Q., Yuan, W., Jiang, M.S., Liu, L.J., 2019. Climatic and oceanic changes during the Middle-late Ordovician transition in the Tarim Basin, NW China and implications for the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event. Palaeogeogr. Paleoclimat. Palaeoecol., 514: 522-535.
  2. Ding, Y., Chen, D.Z*., Zhou, X.Q., Huang, T.Y., Guo, C., Yeasmin, R., 2018. Paired d13Ccarb-d13Corg evolution of the Dengying Formation from the northeastern Guizhou and implications for stratigraphic correlation and Late Ediacaran carbon cycle. J. Earth Sci., doi: 10.1007/s12583-018-0886-1.
  3. Zou, C.N., Qiu, Z., Poulton, S.W., Dong, D.Z., Wang, H.Y., Chen, D.Z., Liu, B., Shi, Z.S., Tao, H.F., 2018. Ocean euxinia and climate change “double whammy” drove the Late Ordovician mass extinction. Geology, 46 (6): 635-538.
  4. Wang, X., Liu, S.A., Wang, Z.R., Chen, D.Z., Zhang, L.Y., 2018. Zinc and strontium isotope evidence for climate cooling and constraints on the Frasnian-Famennian (~372 Ma) mass extinction. Palaeogeogr. Paleoclimat. Palaeoecol., 498: 68-82.
  5. Dong, S.F., You, D.H., Guo, Z.H., Guo, C., Chen, D.Z*., 2018. Intense silicification of Ordovician carbonates in the Tarim Basin: Constraints from fluid inclusion Rb-Sr isotope dating and geochemistry of quartz. Terra Nova, 30: 406-413; doi: 10.1111/ter.12356.
  6. Guo, C., Chen, D.Z*., Zhou, X.Q., Ding, Y., Wei, W.W., Zhang, G.J., 2018. Depositional facies and cyclic patterns in a subtidal-dominated ramp during the Early-Middle Ordovician in the western Tarim Basin (NW China). Facies, 64:16; doi: 10.1007/s10347-018-0529-0.
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