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LI Yang
  Associate Professor
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  Ggeochemistry;Economic Geology
  +86 (10) 8299 8695
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  No.19 Beitucheng West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100029, China

Education and Appointments:

Dr. Yang LI, Associate Professor
Member of the State Key Laboratory of Lithospheric Evolution
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Yang Li received his B.Eng. and Ph.D. from China University of Geosciences, Wuhan and Durham University in 2011 and 2017, respectively, followed by postdoctoral training at Durham and Yale University. His current research broadly seeks to understand how metalliferous volatiles are concentrated in the upper crust and their fates near the surface through integrating field geology, high-precision geochronology and isotopic microanalysis. Additional research interests include further developments and geological applications of the Re-Os chronometer.

Research Interests:
  • Magmatic-hydrothermal process and mineralization
  • Geochronology of mass extinction and climate change
  • High-precision Re-Os geochronology
  • In-situ microanalysis and its geological application
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Selected Publication:
  1. Li, Y.*, Li, Q.-L., Tang, G.-Q., Gargano, A., Sharp, Z., Pitawala, A., Zhao, L., Zhai, M.-G., and Li, X.-H., 2020, Eppawala-AP, Sri Lanka, an Apatite Reference Material for High Precision Chlorine Isotope Analysis: Atomic Spectroscopy, v. 41, no. 2, p. 51-56.
  2. He, Z., Zhang, X.-C., Deng, X.-D., Hu, H., Li, Y., Yu, H.-M., Archer, C., Li, J.-W., and Huang, F., 2020, The behavior of Fe and S isotopes in porphyry copper systems: Constraints from the Tongshankou Cu-Mo deposit, Eastern China: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, v. 270, p. 61-83.
  3. Li, Y.*, Zhang, S., Hobbs, R., Caiado, C., Sproson, A. D., Selby, D., and Rooney, A. D., 2019, Monte Carlo sampling for error propagation in linear regression and applications in isochron geochronology: Science Bulletin, v. 64, no. 3, p. 189-197.
  4. Li, Y.*, McCoy-West, A. J., Zhang, S., Selby, D., Burton, K. W., and Horan, K., 2019, Controlling Mechanisms for Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation in Porphyry Deposits: The Qulong Example: Economic Geology, v. 114, no. 5, p. 981-992.
  5. Li, Y.*, Li, Q.-L., and Yang, J.-H., 2019, Tracing water-rock interaction in carbonate replacement deposits: a SIMS pyrite S-Pb isotope perspective from the Chinese Xinqiao system: Ore Geology Reviews, v. 107, p. 248-257.
  6. Cao, K., Yang, Z.-M., Mavrogenes, J., White, N. C., Xu, J-F., Li, Y., and Li, W.-K., 2019, Geology and Genesis of the Giant Pulang Porphyry Cu-Au District, Yunnan, Southwest China: Economic Geology, v. 114, no. 2, p. 275-301.
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  11. Li, Y.*, Selby, D., Feely, M., Costanzo, A., and Li, X.-H., 2017, Fluid inclusion characteristics and molybdenite Re-Os geochronology of the Qulong porphyry copper-molybdenum deposit, Tibet: Mineralium Deposita, v. 52, no. 2, p. 137-158.
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