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Qin Dajun
  Associate Professor
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  No.19 Beitucheng West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100029, China

Education and Appointments:
Dr. Qin Dajun

Research Expertise
Isotope Hydrology
Surface water and groundwater interactions
Assessment of Mineral Resources

Recent Professional Experience
2003.2-8: Senior visitor, Land and Water, CSIRO, Australia.
2001.9-12: Senior visitor, Isotope Hydrology Laboratory, International Atomic Agency (IAEA), Vienna, Austria.
1998/: Research Professor, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
1995/97: Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
1984/88 Assistant Engineer, Yu’erya Gold Mine, Kuancheng, Hebei, China Academic Qualifications
Ph.D., Earth Sciences, Beijing University, Beijing, China, 1995
B.Sc. China University of Geosciences, Beijing, China, 1988

Research Interests:

Primary research fields include
Groundwater hydrology, groundwater-surface water interaction and application of environmental tracers.
Research topics of special interest have included:
assessment of recharge to aquifers
assessment of potential risk of groundwater contamination
estimate of groundwater flow rates
groundwater flow and solute transport in river basin and unban water supply sites
surface water - groundwater interaction
application of groundwater dating tools(CFCs, C-14 etc.)

Public Services:


Supported Projects:
Assessment of river-groundwater interaction in Heihe river basin, Northwest China
Assessment and protection of groundwater resources overlain urban areas, Beijing, China

Selected Publication:
  1. Muhammed, H., Wang, D., Li, L., Qin, D. & Guo, Y. (2018). Geochemical Evolution of Fluoride and Implication for F-Enrichment in Groundwater: Example from the Bilate River Basin of Southern Main Ethiopian Rift. Water, 10(12): 1799.
  2. Qin D, Zhao Z, Guo Y, Liu W, Haji M, Wang X, Xin B, Li Y, Yang Y.2017. Using hydrochemical, stable isotope, and river water recharge data to identify groundwater flow paths in a deeply buried karst system. Hydrological Processes,31(24):4297-4314.
  3. Zhang L, Yang D, Liu Y, Che Y, Qin D.2014. Impact of impoundment on groundwater seepage in the Three Gorges Dam in China based on CFCs and stable isotopes. Environ Earth Sci., 72:4491–4500.
  4. Dajun Qin, Zhanfeng Zhao, Liangfeng Han, Yunping Qian, Lu Ou, Zhongqiang Wu, Mingchuan Wang, 2012. Determination of groundwater recharge regime and flowpath in the Lower Heihe River basin in an arid area of Northwest China by using environmental tracers: implications for vegetation degradation in the Ejina Oasis. Appl. Geochem. DOI information: 10.1016/j.apgeochem.2012.02.031.
  5. Dajun Qin, Yunping Qian, Liangfeng Han, Zhimin Wang, Chen Li, Zhanfeng Zhao, 2011. Assessing impact of irrigation water on groundwater recharge and quality in arid environment using CFCs, tritium and stable isotopes, in the Zhangye Basin, Northwest China. Journal of Hydrology,405: 194–208.
  6. Dajun Qin. 2007. Decline in the concentrations of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC-11, CFC-12 and CFC-113) in an urban area of Beijing, China. Atmospheric Environment, 41 (38): 8424-8430.
  7. Dajun Qin, Jeffrey V. Turner and Zhonghe Pang, 2005. Hydrogeochemistry and groundwater circulation in the Xi’an geothermal field, China. Geothermics, 34(4): 471-494.
  8. Qin Dajun and Tao Shuhua, 2001. Isotope constraints on the hydraulic relationship on groundwaters in Xi’an area, Shaanxi Province, Science in China, suppl. Vol. 44.
  9. Qin Dajun and Wang Hao, 2001. Chloroflorocarbons and 3H/3He in groundwaters—application in tracing and dating young groundwaters, Science in China, suppl. Vol. 44, 29-34.
  10. Dajun Qin. Origin of saline groundwater in the northern of Guanzhong Basin, China. In: the Final report of the IAEA CRP “Origin of salinity and impacts on fresh groundwater resources: Optimisation of isotopic techniques” 2000-2004, 15-28.
  11. D. Qin, J. Li, Y. Zhao, X. Xu, T. Liu, J.V. Turner, L. Han, M.Groining, Z. Pang, X. Weng.Using isotope and CFC method to study the river water and groundwater interaction in the Guanzhong Basin, Shaanxin Province, China.Isotope Hydrology and Integrated Water Resources Management, the International Symposium held in Vienna, 19-23 May 2003, organized by IAEA, IAH, P.225.
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