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Liang Guanghe
  Associate Professor
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  No.19 Beitucheng West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100029, China

Education and Appointments:
Liang Guanghe
Male, was born in 1965.
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Institute of Geology & Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 




Dept. of Geoscience, University of Petroleum of China 




Dept. of Applied Geophysics, Changchun Geological College 




Dept. of Geology, The Southwest Petroleum Institute of China 


1997- Present 

Institute of Geology & Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) 

As project leader, went to many countries to do geological and geophysical work. For example, went to Laos for potassium exploration, went to Philippines for copper, nickel and chromite exploration, and also went to Mongolia for gold and copper exploration. Also in China a lot of work in mineral exploration was done. Some example are as following: 

· The applied research project “Integrated Geophysical Prospecting and Exploration for Potash Deposit in Thakhek and Nongbok, Khammuane Province, Lao PDR” is very successful up to now. The main achievement is that we found rich potash ore body in Khammuane Province. This potash ore reserve meets the industrial requirement to proceed to the exploration stage. also worked as  technical adviser for Sichuan Kaiyuan,  Beijing Puyue and Shandong Haiwang companies and so on in Laos for potash exploration.. 

· The study of seismic exploration method in rugged area (contract No. KZCX1-Y-03). Designed a series of software for seismic data processing and also operated seismograph in receiving field data in different geological environments.1999-2001 

· The mineralization prediction for Wulaga gold mine in Heilongjiang province (contract No. KZ951-A1-404-01). The developed seismic software is tested and improved and interpreted with TEM method and geology data.1997-1999 

· The deep gold ore body prediction for Yangjishan gold mine in Jiangxi province with geological and geophysical method (contract No. IGCAS-0415). Mainly used my seismic software.1998 

· Lithological parameters inversion method based on PC for China Offshore Oil Nanhai East Corp. (contract No. IGCAS-0622). The software is developed and tested.1997-1999 

· Mineralization prediction and gold resource estimation for Yunnan province (contract No. IGCAS-0746). Seismic & radioactive data acquisition was developed and processing software was tested.1997-1999 

1987~ 1994 

Dept. of Applied Geophysics, Changchun Geological College 

Taught undergraduate students "geophysical principles for petroleum exploration" and seminars for graduate students of “seismic data inversion”. Took part in over ten research projects.  

The main research projects in seismic data processing and interpretation are:  

· Vertical seismic profile (VSP) migration method and software development on Unix system. In this project my duty was to study the method of seismic ray tracing model and design the software.1987-1988 

· The seismic quantity (Q) value inversion method and its application in Talimu Basin. I took charge in the whole procedure of method research and software development based on PC. 1987-1989 

· The study on high-resolution seismic data processing methods in Daqing Oil Field. My duty was to design new software, that is the improved minimum entropy method for high resolution processing.1989-1990 

· The technique of amplitude versus offset (AVO) and its application in Daqing Oil Field. I was in charge of the software designing.1990-1991 

· Seismic sequence stratigraphic interpretation for Lishu Basin in Jilin Province. My work was seismic stratigraphic interpretation.1991-1992 

· The technique of reservoir layers prediction for oil & gas in Bohai Sea Oil Field. My duty in this project was to improve the conventional seismic lithological modeling method and design software on UNIX system.1992-1994 

· The seismic modeling method and its application in China Offshore Oil Nanhai East Corp. I presided at the project, and was in charge of the integrated design and software development. 1993-1994   


  Be assigned by CAS to go to US Geological Survey to do international technique exchange in the field of new methods for gold mine exploration In Aug 1999.  

  Attended the 31st International Geological Congress in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and exchanged new techniques on seismic data processing with other geologists In Aug 2000.  


Prof. Cai Xinping 

Institute of Geology & Geophysics, CAS 
Dewai, Beijing 100029 


Prof. Qingmou Li 

Dept. of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, York University 


Research Interests:
Public Services:

  1. Awarded for the big finding of huge gold ore bodies with seismic data acquisition and processing in Jiangxi Province (Chinese Sciences News, on Sept. 16, 1998). 
  2. Using the inversion results of seismic modeling (SMOL) and AVO software in South China Sea to determine the drill location of HZ32-3-EN has been proved very successfully. 
  3. Ever be awarded the second science & technology improvement prize by the National Mineral & Resource Ministry in 1995 and 2006 because of the excellent works in oil & gas reservoir prediction. 

Supported Projects:

  1. Liang Guanghe. The source power for Continental drift——Plate self-drive mode, Advances in Geosciences: 20133 ,2013, 3 ,86-96
  2. Liang Guanghe.The roots of the Arctic ice melting and the earth's carbon loss,ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA: 20137 Vol. 87 Supp. 2013 ,256-260
  3. Liang Guanghe.The eight evidences about Hainan Island separated from China's Beibuwan Gulf with drift and rotation,ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA: 20137 , Vol. 87 Supp. 2013 ,73-76
  4. Liang Guanghe. Eight evidences show Japan was separated from China, Geographical Science Research: 2013, 6 ,2013, 2 ,15-29
  5. Liang Guanghe. Study on the origin of Taiwan and Huangyan Island, Geographical Science Research: 20135 ,2013, 2 ,44-56
  6. Liang Guanghe. Study on the relationship between the origin of broken plates in northern Canada and continental drift, Geographical Science Research: 20135 ,2013, 2 ,30-37
  7. Liang Guanghe. Study on the relationship between geysers in American Yellowstone National Park and continental drift, Advances in Geosciences: 2013, 6 ,2013, 6 ,172-182
  8. Liang Guanghe. The genesis of Korean Peninsula and the dynamic mechanism of Tanlu fault,Shanfeng Net: 20135 ,20135 ,1-21
  9. Liang Guanghe. Sea-Floor Spreading " an error hypothesis that misled geosciences to a wrong road, Shanfeng Net: 2013, 5 ,2013, 5 ,1-8
  10. Liang Guanghe. Study on the relationship between continental plates drifting and the origin of Global mountain range and high plateau, Shanfeng Net:2013, 5 ,2013, 5 ,1-21
  11. Liang Guanghe. Study on the Methods of Earthquake prediction and reduction, Shanfeng Net:20137 ,2013, 7 ,1-45
  12. Guanghe Liang et al., 2002,Using high-order cumulants to extrapolate spatially variant seismic wavelets,Geophysics,Vol67,NO.6
  13. LIANG GuangheLiang Guanghe, CAI Xinping(蔡新平), ZHANG Baolin(张宝林) & XU Xingwang(徐兴旺),2003,Using pseudo-entropy of seismic reflection data to predict sedimentary facies SCIENCE IN CHINA (Series D), Vol.46, No.11-7;
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