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Chen Jing-Bo
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  No.19 Beitucheng West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100029, China

Education and Appointments:
  • Sep.1996-Jun.2001, Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences, CAS, PhD.
  • Jul.2001-Agu.2003, Institute of Theoretical Physics,CAS, post-doctor.
  • Sep.2003-Nov.2004, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Assistant Professor.
  • Dec.2004-Nov.2010, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Associate Professor.
  • Dec.2010-Present, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Professor.

Research Interests:
Seismic modeling, seismic migration imaging, waveform inversion and structure-preserving algorithms for differential equations.
Public Services:


Supported Projects:
  1. Geometrical algorithms for 3-D wave equation presteck depth migration, National Natural Scicence Foundation of China, Jan. 2005—Dec. 2007.
  2. Theory and algorithm of OSA on 3-D seismic imaging, National Natural Scicence Foundation of China, Jan. 2008—Dec. 2010.

Selected Publication:
  1. Jing-Bo Chen, Jian Cao and Zheng Li, 2021, A comparative study on the stress image and adaptive parameter-modified methods for implementing free surface boundary conditions in elastic wave numerical modeling, Geophysics, 86(6), T451-T467.
  2. Jing-Bo Chen, 2020, A new method for numerical dispersion analysis of Laplace-domain 2-D elastic wave equation, Exploration Geophysics, 51, 456-468.
  3. Jing-Bo Chen and Jian Cao, 2020, Green's function for three-dimensional elastic wave equation with a moving point source on the free surface with applications, Geophysical Prospecting, 68, 1281-1290.
  4. Jing-Bo Chen and Jian Cao, 2018, An average-derivative optimal scheme for modeling of the frequency-domain 3D elastic wave equation, Geophysics, 83(4), T209-T234.
  5. Jing-Bo Chen and Meng-Xue Dai, 2017, Accuracy-constrained  optimization methods for staggered-grid elastic wave modelling,  Geophysical Prospecting, 65(S1), 150-165.
  6. Jing-Bo Chen and Jian Cao, 2016, Modeling of frequency-domain elastic wave equation with an average-derivative method,  Geophysics, 81(6), T339-T356.  [PDF]
  7. Jing-Bo Chen, 2016, Numerical dispersion analysis for three-dimensional Laplace-Fourier-domain  scalar wave equation, Exploration Geophysics, 47, 158-167.  [PDF]
  8. Jing-Bo Chen, 2014, Dispersion analysis of an average-derivative optimal scheme for Laplace-domain scalar wave equation, Geophysics, 79(2), T37-T42. [PDF]
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  16. Jing-Bo Chen, 2010, On the selection of reference velocities for split-step Fourier and generalized-screen migration methods, Geophysics, 75(6), S249-S257. [PDF]
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  18. Jing-Bo Chen, 2009, Lax-Wendroff and Nystr?m methods for seismic modeling,  Geophysical Prospecting, 57, 931-941. [PDF]
  19. Jing-Bo Chen, 2007, High-order time discretizations in seismic modeling, Geophysics, 72(5), SM115-SM122. [PDF]
  20. Jing-Bo Chen, Hong Liu and Zhi-Fu Zhang, 2007, A separable-kernel decomposition method for approximating the DSR continuation operator, Geophysics, 72(1), S25-S31. [PDF]
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