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Qin Kezhang
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  No.19 Beitucheng West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100029, China

Education and Appointments:

Dr. Ke-Zhang QIN (秦克章)
Prof. of Economic Geology and Exploration Geology

Basic Information
Male, born in 1964, Hubei Province, China
Director of CAS Key Lab of Mineral Resources
Division of Solid Mineral Resources
Deputy Editor-in -Chief of "Mineral Deposits"
Fellowship of SEG, SGA, IAGOD and SRG.

Dr. Sci., 1997, Economic Geology, Hokkaido University, Japan, Supervisor: Prof. Shunso ISHIHARA
B.A., 1985, Geology, Zhejiang University, Honors.

Post-Doctor and Visiting
1998.6-2000.9 Post-Doctor research at Institute of Geology and Geophysics (CAS), Host Scientist: Shu SUN (CAS academician), major on plate tectonics and metallogeny
2005.1-4, Visiting Scientist at UBC, Canada, Host Scientist: MDRU Director R Tosdal

Expertise and skills
    Economic geology and exploration, ore geochemistry, orogenses and metallogeneses: Experiences focus on porphyry Cu (Mo, Au), Vein Au-Ag-Pb-Zn, epithermal Au-Ag, magmatic Cu-Ni-PGE and VMS Cu-Pb-Zn deposits.
    In some aspects as magmatism and associated porphyry-skarn, vein-type and epithermal Cu-Mo-Pb-Zn- Ag-Au metallogenic systematics and exploration assessment in Manchuria area, VHMS Pb-Zn-Cu deposits in Altay, metallogenic environment comparison of large-superlarge copper deposits between China and the rest of the world, and Cu-Au-Ni metallogeny and prospecting prediction in Eastern Tianshan, Xinjiang, he has made some new understanding and essential contribution for practical prospecting. He is the main discoverer of the Kalatage HS-epithermal Au-Cu deposit in Eastern Tianshan, and Sharang porphyry Mo deposit (the first case for single Mo deposit in Tibet) which have been proved to be large-scale.

Professional Careers

  1. 2012.8-present, Head of Division of Solid Mineral Resources, Director of CAS Key Lab. of Mineral Resources, Research group leader of Orogenic belts and Metallogeneses, IGGCAS
  2. 2003.7-2012.8, Deputy Head of Division of Solid Mineral Resources, Research group leader of Orogenic belts and Metallogeneses, IGGCAS
  3. 2002-present, Professor in Innovation base, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, IGGCAS
  4. 2004-present, Teaching economic geology for master students at University of CAS
  5. 2001-2002, Research Professor, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, IGGCAS
  6. 1997.11-2000, Senior research fellow, BIGM-CNNC
  7. 1993.10-1997.12, Senior geological engineer, BIGM-CNNC;
  8. 1990.05-1993.10, Geological Engineer, BIGM-CNNC
  9. 1985.08-1990.04, Assistant geological engineer, Beijing  Institute of Geology for Mineral Resources (BIGM), China National Non-Ferrous Metals Corp (CNNC) 
Professional Experience
(1) Ni-Cu-Co metallogeneses of Late paleozoic mafic-ultramafic intrusions in Eastern Tianshan and Beishan and their geodynamic setting (2011-2014)
(2)Positioning predication for epithermal-skarn-porphyry Au-Cu and skarn-porphyry W-Mo in Chizhou of Anhui Province, Lower Yangtze Valley (2007-2012)
(3) Tibet-Gangdese & Bangonghu porphyry (skarn) Cu-Au-Mo metallogeny (2003-2014) Supported by state 973 project, NSFC and Mining companies
(4) Cu-Au-Ni metallogeny and prospecting prediction in Eastern Tianshan, Xinjiang   (NSFC Fund 2001-2003, National Tenth-Five years Plan project 2002-2005, CAS and National Eleventh-Five years Plan project 2006-2010)
(5) 1998.6-2001.1, Research project leader of  a) Ore-forming conditions and selection for prospecting target in Tianshan orebelt; b) Tectonic evolution and metallogenic geological setting in Eastern Tianshan Orogenic belt.And joined the project “Comprehensive research on the crustal structure,geological evolution and metallogeneses of Xinjiang”.
(6)1997.5-1998.4, as member of CNNC expert group to Bolivia for Cu and Au investigation and evaluation, field survey for three months.
(7)1995.4-1997.4, research project leader on Prediction of buried ore-bodies in Jia-Cha Ag(Au)-Pb-Zn-Cu orefield and regional potential assessment in Ergun terrain, Inner Mongolia.
(8)1992.5--1995.3, research group leader of a national 'Eighth-Five years plan' key project--Metallogeny and ore prognosis for Keketale-type VHMS Pb-Zn-Cu deposits in Altay, Xinjiang.
(9)1991.5--1992.4, as a mainstay of project--Explorational survey on copper deposits both of porphyry type and VHMS type in Dongwuqi area, Inner Mongolia.
(10)1989.5--1991.4, as a mainstay of project--study on metallogenic environment comparison of large--especial-large copper deposits between China and the rest of the world and division of prospect ore belts. Investigated lots of typical copper deposits in China.
(11) 1988.5-6, with expert group on investigation of the Tianshan Mts. and south Xinjiang.
(12)1985.8-1989.7, as a mainstay of project--Research on ore-bearing criteria for porphyries in Manchuria--Xiqi copper multimetallic metallogenic belt;  Metallogeny and ore prognosis for porphyry Cu Mo polymetallic deposits in Manchuria, Inner Mongolia Under supervision of Prof. Wang Zhitian.
      During the past 29 years since 1984, he has investigated more than 390 ore deposits involving Cu, Mo, Au, Ag, PbZn, Fe, Ni, Co, Cr, S, Hg, Sb, W, Sn, Mn and Li-Be-Nb-Ta in China, Japan, Andes(Bolivia and Chile), Cordillera, Turkey,Mongolia,Russia, Australia and Myannmar.

Research Interests:
1) Meatllogeneses both in accretional and collisional orogenic belts;
2) Ore-forming processes and optimization and positioning prediction for ore deposits of porphyry-skarn Cu(Mo)- epithermal Au, vein Pb-Zn and magmatic Cu-Ni types.
Public Services:


Research Achievement Awards:
a. 1st-rank Sci. & Tech. progress award of MLR (2011);
b. 1st-rank Sci.& Tech. progress award of MLR (2009);
c. 2nd-rank Sci. & Tech. progress award of CNNC (1996);
d. 2nd-rank Sci. & Tech. progress award of CNNC (1993);
e. 3rd-rank China national award for Sci. & Tech. progress (1989);
f. 1st-rank Sci. & Tech. progress award of CNNC (1988)
Personal Awards:
a. 7th China Youth Sci. & Tech. Award granted by Chinese Association for Science and technology (2001)
b. Excellent Post-Doctoral fellowship of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2001)
c. Gold-Hammer Award of 7th Youth Sci. & Tech. Award of GSC (2000);
d. Selected into the 100-1000-10000 next-century talents(1998);
e. JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) fellowship (1996);
f. Silver-Hammer Award of 3rd Youth Sci. & Tech. Award of GSC (1992);
g. Four paper prizes given by Geological Society of China (GSC) (1991, 1992) and Chinese Society of Non-Ferrous Matels (1993). 

Supported Projects:
Current research project:
 NSFC Key project ——Ni-Cu-Co metallogeneses of Late paleozoic mafic-ultramafic  intrusions in Eastern Tianshan and Beishan and their geodynamic setting (2011-2014)
2) CAS Knowledge Innovation Project——Regional metallogenic regularities and ore-forming process of typical deposits in SE-China(2008-2012)
3) Chinese Geological Survey research project——Typical Ore deposits and mechnism of porphyry deposits in Xinjiang and Tibet (2009-2013).

By now 140 papers of his have been published and 4 books as co-author. (Total of 52 papers in English, others in Chinese with English abstract)
  1. Tang DM, Qin KZ*, Su BX, Sakyi PA, Liu YS, Mao Q, Santosh M, Ma YG. 2013. Magma source and tectonics of the Xiangshanzhong mafic-ultramafic intrusion in the Central Asian Orogenic Belt, NW China, traced from geochemical and isotopic signatures. Lithos, 170-171, 144-163.
  2. Su BX,Qin KZ*,Santosh M,Sun H,Tang DM.2013. The Early Permian mafic–ultramafic complexes in the Beishan Terrane, NW China: Alaskan-type intrusives or rift cumulates? Journal of Asian Earth Sciences. 66(8) 175–187
  3. Ming-Jian Cao, Qi-Feng, Zhou, Ke-Zhang Qin*, Dong-Mei Tang, Noreen J. Evans.2013. The tetrad effect and geochemistry of apatite from the Altay Koktokay No. 3 pegmatite, Xinjiang, China: Implications for pegmatite petrogenesis. Mineralogy and Petrology, DOI 10.1007/s00710-013-0270-x, 21p.
  4. Li JX, Qin KZ, Li G.M, Xiao B, Zhao JX, Cao M.J, Chen L.2013. Petrogenesis of ore-bearing porphyries from the Duolong porphyry Cu-Au deposit, central Tibet: Evidence from U-Pb geochronology, petrochemistry and Sr-Nd-Hf-O isotope characteristics.Lithos,160-161(1): 216 - 227
  5. Su BX, Qin KZ*, Tang, DM, Sakyi PA, Liu PP, Sun H, Xiao QH. 2013. Late Paleozoic mafic–ultramafic intrusions in southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt, (NW China): Insight into magmatic Ni–Cu sulfide mineralization in orogenic setting. Ore Geol. Rev.51:57-73.
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  7. Song Guoxue, Qin Kezhang*, Li Guangming, Li Xianhua and Qu Wenjun.2013. Geochronology and Ore-Forming Fluids of the Baizhangyan W–Mo Deposit in the Chizhou Area, Middle-Lower Yangtze Valley, SE-China. Resource Geology,63(1):57-71
  8. Qin Kezhang.2012.Preface for Thematic Articles “Porphyry Cu-Au-Mo deposits in Tibet and Kazakhstan”. Resource Geology, 62(1):1-3.
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