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Liu Hong
  Research Professor
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  No.19 Beitucheng West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100029, China

Education and Appointments:
  • Jun.1999 ~ now             
    Geophysicist Geophysicist (Research Professor),Superviser of Ph.D. students
    Institute of Geology & Geophysics (The Formerly Institute of Geophysics), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
  • July. 2002 ~ Nov. 2002      
    Visiting Scientist Dept. Physics,
    University of Alberta
  • Oct. 1994 ~ Jun.1999       
    Geophysicist (Research Professor)
    Institute of Geophysics, CAS
  • Jun. 1995 ~ Feb. 1996      
    Visiting Scientist   Center for Lithosphere Study,
    University of Texas at Dallas 
  • Oct. 1991 ~ Oct. 1994      
    Associate Geophysicist
    Institute of Geophysics, CAS.
  • Jan. 1989 ~ Oct. 1991      
    Post-doctor Fellow
    Institute of Geophysics, CAS
  • Mar.1985 ~ Dec. 1988         
    Tsinghua University
    Major: EM Wave Theory and Technique
    Ph.D.: Radio Electronics Engineering   
  • Mar. 1982 ~ Feb. 1985         
    Changchun Institute of Geology
    Major: Electromagnetic Exploration Method
    Master Degree of Applied Geophysics
  • Mar.1978 ~ Feb. 1982          
    Changchun Institute of Geology
    Major: Geophysical Exploration Method
    Bachelor Degree of Applied Geophysics

Research Interests:
petroleum seismic exploration geophysicist
Public Services:

  • 1997,First Prize of Sc. And Tech. Achievement, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • 1991,Youth Science Award from the Chinese Geophysical Society

Supported Projects:
  1. The integral representation and its computation for deep buired petroleum reservoir,Key Project,  Chinese Natioanal Natural Scientific Fundation
  2. The high-order symbols of large-step one-way wave operator and  the Lie group algorithm,  Chinese Natioanal Natural Scientific Fundation 40674072
  3. Theory on the Geophysical Prospecting of the Heterogenuos Oil and Gas Reservoirs
  4. Seismic imaging methods of  dynamical structure preserving National Basic Research Program of China..(973 Program),Grant No2007CB209603
  5. application of GPU/CPU multi scale parallel accelerating in  Seismic imaging , sponsored by Chinese Academy of Sciences and National Ministry of Treasury under the grant ZDYZ2008-2-A08
  6. angle domain prestack elastic parameters inversion and GPU-technique ,  task 2008ZX05008-006-031 in key geophysical technologies and software modules for deep oil and gas exploration. Project name: large oil and gas field and coalbed methane development , deep hydrocarbon law, key technologies and target prediction project number 2008ZX05008
  7. asymmetric traveltime  velocity analysis and non-uniform sampling multiple prediction technology: integration and demonstration, task 2008ZX05023-005-009 in offshore-sized oil and gas seismic exploration technology, large oil and gas and coalbed methane development project code: 2008ZX05023。 project name: large and medium-sized oil and gas fields offshore formation conditions and exploration technology . 2008ZX05023
  8. " angle index CRG migration technical and  inter-layer multiple suppression method" (sub topic number 2006AA09A102-08); National Hi-Tech Research and Development  Program of China.. (863 Program), Grant No 2006AA09A102-08
  9. Seismic imaging methods of  dynamical structure preserving grant 2007CB209603 in “ on the Geophysical Prospecting of the Heterogenuos Oil and Gas Reservoirs”National Basic Research Program of China..(973 Program),Grant No2007CB209603
  10. “Key exploration technique in pre-Cenozoic hydrocarbon resources”,a subtopic in  “Study on pre-Cenozoic hydrocarbon resources of marine facies circum- Bohai region ”, Key Project in Knowledge Innovation Engineer of CAS,,Grant KZCX1-SW-18.
  11. A Precursory Study on Hydrocarbon Re-exploration of China,Key Project in Knowledge Innovation Engineer of CAS,,Grant KZCX1-Y01
  12. Reservoir geophysical theory of terrestrial facies and three dimensional geological imaging method   Chinese Natioanal Natural Scientific Fundation with Key Project 49894190
  13. Finite Dimensional Form of Hamilton for Seismic Wave and Its Application,  sponsored by China National Natural Scientific Foundation 2981113
  14. Reservoir geophysics theory of terrestrial facies and three dimensional geological imaging method: implementation in faults depresss basin, supported by Daqing Oil Field Research Institute.
  15. Crosswell imaging and Data merge technique of well and seismics supported by shengli Oil Field Research Institute
  16. seismic predictation of deep-seated rivel faces sandbody in the vicinity of the Daqing Oilfield strata supported by Daqing Oil Field Research Institute
  17. High frequentcy restoration technique of seismic data, Research Institute of Daqing geophysical
  18. High precision seismic inverseon technique under multiple information constraint,, Research Institute of Daqing geophysical,
  19. prestack seismic attributes and application, , Research Institute of Daqing geophysical
  20. well loging constrained tiny stratigraphic sequence reconstruction technique and application Thin layer, supported by Daqing Oil Field Research Institute

Selected Publication:
  1. Liu H, Wang X M, Zeng R, et al. Symbol description to integral solution of oneway wave operator. Progress In Geophysics (in Chinese), 2007, 22(2): 463~471
  2. Liu H., Yuan J H., Chen J B, Shou H., Li Y-M. Theory and implementing scheme of large-step wavefield depth extrapolation. Chinese Journal of Geophysics, 2006, 49(6): 1779~1 793
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No. 19, Beitucheng Xilu, Chaoyang District, 100029, Beijing, PR China
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