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Hu Ruilin
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  Engineering Geology
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  No.19 Beitucheng West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100029, China

Education and Appointments:

Professor Ruilin Hu

  • 1982, BSc, Institute of Geology, Chengdu, major in hydrogeology
  • 1989, MS, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
  • 1998, PhD, University of Geology, Beijing
  • 1998-2000, Post-Doctor, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • 1999.4-2000.5, a visiting scholar to Department of Civil Engineering, University of Hong Kong

Now Professor Hu is the researcher and the doctoral director in IGGCAS and he also has the following honors:

  • Group leader of Environmental engineering geology
  • Commissioner of Degree Committee in IGGCAS
  • Commissioner of Engineering Geology Professional Committee, Geological Society of China
  • Commissioner of Prospecting Engineering Committee, Architectural Society of China
  • Member of National group of IAEG in China
  • Editor of Journal of Engineering Geology
  • National registration engineer

Research Interests:

1.Characteristics of special soils and improving technology

2.Micro-structural mechanics of soils, quantization of microstructure of soils, structural mechanical effect 3.Urban environmental engineering geology 4.Slope stability of Soil-Rock Mixture and its treatment 5.Geological disaster prevention

Public Services:


Supported Projects:

Selected Publication:

Press & Publications

  1. Ruilin Hu (Chief Editor) etc. 1995, Quantitative Microstructure Models of Clayey Soils and their Engineering Behaviors, Geological Press
  2. Guolin Ren, Hongxun Tian, Ruilin Hu etc. 1992, Engineering geological map of China (1/4000000), Map Press
Representative publications
  1. HU Ruilin, Ibrahim, Gao Wei, Zhang Xiaoyan ,Sun Yongshuai, 2013, Plagioclase Solution Degree: A New Index to evaluate the Weathering Degree of Granite, Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environments.
  2. R.L.Hu,Z.Q.Yue,L.G.Tham, L.C.Wang,2005, Digital Image Analysis of Dynamic Compaction Effects on Clay Fills, Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, Volume 131, No. 11, 1411-1422(SCI&EI)
  3. R.L.Hu,Z.Q.Yue,L.C.Wang,Y.X.Qu,S.J.Wang,2005, Application of Plagioclase Solution Degree to Evaluating the Weathering Degree of CDG of Granites, Geological Review, Vol.51,No.6,pp 649-655
  4. R.L.Hu,Z.Q.Yue,L.C.Wang,S.J.Wang,2004, Review on current status and challenging issues of land subsidence in China, Engineering Geology, Vol.76, No. pp65-77(SCI&EI)
  5. Hu R.L., Wang S.J., Lee C.F., Li M.L., 2002, Characteristics and trends of land subsidence in Tanggu, Tianjin,China, Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environments, Vol.61, pp213-225.   (EI)
  6. Hu R.L., Yueng M.R., Lee C.F., Wang S.J., 2001, Regional risk assessment of Karst collapse in Tangshan,China, Environmental Geology, Vol.40,No.11/12, pp1377-1389. (SCI&EI)
  7. Hu R.L., Yueng M.R., Lee C.F., Wang S.J., 2001, Mechanical Behaviour and Microstructural Variation of Loess Under Dynamic Compaction, Engineering Geology,Vol.59/3-4, pp203-217.   (SCI&EI)
  8. R.L.Hu, Z.F.Li, S.J.Wang, 2000, Approach to the strength behaviors and microstructural changes of loess under dynamic load, Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, Vol.22, No.2,pp174-181(EI)
  9. R.L.Hu, S.J.Wang, X.Q.Li, G.L.Guan, 1999, Consolidation Deformation Characteristics of Loess Under the Simulated Dynamic Compaction and the Microstructural Analysis, Rock and Soil Mechanics, Vol.20,No.4  (EI)
  10. R.L.Hu, S.J.Wang, Z.F.Li, J.X.Xiang, 2001, Regional Risk Assessment on Karst Collapse in Tangshan City, China, Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering, V20,No.2,pp180-189    (EI)
  11. R.L.Hu, X.Q.Li, G.L.Guan, 1999, Soil Micromechanics-Concept, View and Core, Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Vol.20,No.2,p150-156    (EI)
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