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WANG Sijing
Highest Education  
Subject Categories  
  Engineering Geology
Zip Code  
  No.19 Beitucheng West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100029, China

Education and Appointments:
  • M Eng(1959), Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, Moscow Institute of Geology, Moscow, USSR.
  • Ph.D(1963), Mineral-Geological Sciences, Moscow Institute of Geology, Moscow, USSR.


  • Since 1963   Associate Professor, Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) 
  • Since 1981   Professor and Ph.D. student supervisor 
  • 1984-1987   Deputy Director of Institute of Geology, CAS 
  • 1987-1995   Director of Institute of Geology, CAS 
  • Since 1995   Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) Board Director, Division of Energy and Mining Engineering  
  • 1997-2003   Director, Joint Research Center for Slope Engineering, CAS and HKU 
  • 2000-2002   Director, Division of Energy and Mining Engineering, CAE 
  • Since 2000   Presidium Councilor, Chinese Academy of Engineering, (CAE) 
  • Vice-president, International Association of Engineering Geology (IAEG), 1982-1986 and 1992-1998 
  • president, Association of Geoscientists for International Development (AGID), 1987-1995 
  • President, China Committee for Engineering Geology, 1993-2003 
  • Vice-president, Chinese Society for Rock Mechanic and Engineering, 1994-1998 
  • Vice-president, Vice-president, Chinese Society for Quaternary Research, 1994-1998 
  • Member, Commission D-18, American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM), 1995-2005 
  • President, China Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering, 1998-2002 
  • President, International Association of Engineering Geology and the Environment(IAEG),1998-2002 
  • Councilor, China Union of Science and Technology, 2001-2005 
  • Executive Board Member, International Association of Engineering Geology (IAEG), 2002-2006 

Research Interests:
Engineering geologe of tunnels, slopes and dams and other engineering projects; dynamic stability of rock slopes due to blasting and seismic loading; the Finite Element Method, Stereo projection method, geomechanical modeling technology in Engineering Geology; the application of rock acoustics in the engineering geological investigation.
Public Services:

  • National Prize of Natural Sciences (Third), for project
    "Geomechnics for Rock Engineering",1987.
  • National Award of Honor for Distinguished Professional Achievements,1987. 
  • Academy Prize of Science Achievements (First), for project 
    "Comprehensive Study for Feasibility Appraisal of Ertan Hydropower Development on Yalong River",1983. 
  • Academy Prize of Science Achievements (Second), for project
    "Geomechanics of Dam Rock Foundation",1990.
  • Academy Prize of Science Achievement (Third), for project
    "Stability Analysis of Underground Excavations",1984.
  • Academy Prize of Science Achievement (Third), for project
    "Geoenvironment Study for Development Planning in Xichang-Dukou Region, Sichuan" 1993.
  • Honorary Professor 
    à  Hong Kong University, 1996 
    à  Tongji University, Shanghai, 2000 
    à  China University of Mining Sciences and Technology, Xuzhou, 2001 
    à  Chengdu University of Science and Technology, 2002 
  • Honorary President 
    à  Tianjin Institute for Urban Development, 2001 
    à  Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering,2003 
    à  Institute of geotechnical research,Zhejiang Institute of Engineering Construction(since 2005) 
  • Appreciation for Service as Vice-president for Asia in IAEG, 1998,  
  • Appreciation for Service as President in IAEG, 2002 
  • Appreciation for Service as Past-President in IAEG, 2006 
  • Medal in appreciation of the Valuable Contribution to Geotechnical Community, awarded by the 9th Southeast Asian Geotechnical Conference, Bangkok, 1987. 
  • Medal Offert Parle Maire De Lyon, 2005 
  • Medal Outstanding Chinese Scholar, Polytech University, Hong Kong, 2005

Supported Projects:
  1. Digitalization of joint structure and properties of rock mass of class III for foundation treatment in Jinping damsite 
  2. Digitalization of structure and properties of basaltic column jointed rock for dam foundation and underground power house of Baihetan hydropower station 
  3. Seepage-deformation coupling numerical modeling of Xilodu dam site 
  4. Slope stability of Yuanmuo highway in soft and weathered rock condition taking into account of intensive rainfall and unsaturated process 
  5. Stability of tunnel cable anchorage in karstified rock for large span suspension aross Balinghe in Guizhou

Selected Publication:
1) S Wang, “Principle and Methods of EngineeringGeomechanics of Rock Mass”, Science Press, 1-45(in Chinese) (1976) 
2) S Wang, Z Yang, Z Liu, “Stability Analysis of Rock Mass for Underground Excavation”. Beijing, Science Press, 1-282(in Chinese) (1984) 
3) S Wang (Editor-in-chief), “Engineering Geological Problems in Asia”. Beijing, Science Press(1986) 
4) S Wang, D Huang (ed.), “Environmental Geology in Xichang-Dukou Area”. Beijing: China Ocean Press1-338(in Chinese) (1990) 
5) S Wang(ed.), “Recent Development of Engineering Geology”, Beijing Science and Technology press (in Chinese) (1991) 
6) S Wang, C Wang(ed.), “Geoscience in urban Development”. Beijing, China Ocean Press (1993) 
7) S Wang, S Zhang (ed.), “Strategic Development of Environment and Economic of Resources in Coastal Region of China”, Seismic Press(in Chinese)(1993) 
8) S Wang, F Dai, “Geoenvironmental Consideration for the Engineering Development of China”. Scientia Geologica Sinica, Supplement Issue(1), 1-108 (1996) 
9) S Wang, “Geoenvironmental Consideration in the Strategic planning for development”, ICIMOD Kathmandu, Nepal.1-132 (1998) 
10) S Wang, B Fu, Z Li(ed.), “Frontiers of Rock Mechanics and Engineering in the 21 Century”, Balkema,1-687(in Chinese) (2001) 
11) S Wang, B Fu, Z Yang (ed.), “Achievements of Rock Mechanics and Engineering in China”, Hehai University Press,Nanjing,China,1-1017(in Chinese) (2004)
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