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HUO Shoudong
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  Exploration Geophysics
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Education and Appointments:
  • 1997 – 2001 Tsinghua University, Bachelor
  • 2001 – 2004 Sony Sobey Research Center, Software Engineer
  • 2004 – 2007 Imperial College London, Ph.D.
  • 2007-2008 CGG company , Crawley, UK, Research Geophysicist
  • 2008-2015 Saudi Aramco, Research Geophysicist
  • 2015 – Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Science, Professor in Geophysics

Research Interests:
  1. Application of artificial intelligence in exploration geophysics
  2. Compressed sensing seismic exploration
  3. Seismic While Drilling
  4. Numerical simulation and FWI
  5. Seismic data inversion based on deep learning
  6. Seismic data processing
  7. Urban underground space exploration
Public Services:


Supported Projects:
  1. National Natural Science Foundation of China: Research on comprehensive prediction method of relative permeability curve based on deep learning, (2021-2021).
  2. National Natural Science Foundation of China: Crosstalk attenuation of high efficiency seismic acquisition with the existence of statics, (2016-2019).
  3. Strategic Priority Research Programs (Category A) of Chinese Academy of Science: Seismic guided drilling technique, (2017-2021).
  4. Research project of Southern Marine Science And Engineering Guangdong Laboratory(Zhanjiang): Research on key technologies of efficient offshore acquisition, (2019-2021).
  5. Research project of Shengli oil field exploration and Development Research Institute: Research on relative permeability curve prediction method driven by logging data, (2020-2021).
  6. Research project of Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting INC.,China National Petroleum Corporation: Research on a sparse transformation method and data reconstruction technology, (2019-2020).
  7. Research project of Beijing Research Center of CNOOC China Limited: Fracture system identification of tight gas reservoir in Langanbao, (2018).
  8. Research project of Shengli Branch, Sinopec Geophysical Corporation: High efficiency seismic data acquisition and processin, (2016-2017).
  9. Research project of Shengli Branch, Sinopec Geophysical Corporation: Seismic geometry design method based on compressive sensing, (2017-2018).
  10. Research project of Shengli Branch, Sinopec Geophysical Corporation: Research on seismic data reconstruction based on compressive sensing, (2017-2018).

Selected Publication:


  1. Huo S. and Xu H. Frequency-varying filtering of simultaneous source seismic data. 2017.03.07, U.S. Patent No.: US9588241B2.
  2. Huo S., Pecholcs P.I., and Xu H. Coupled time-distance dependent swept frequency source acquisition design and data de-noising.2016.12.06, U.S. Patent No.: US9513389B2.
  3. Huo S. and Zhu W. Iterative dip-steering median filter for seismic data processing. 2016.08.30, U.S. Patent No: US9429668B2.
  4. Huo S., Xu H., Hu P. et al. Quantitative characterization method of growing fault activity intensity. Patent No.: ZL201611198747.8
  5. Huo S., Du X., Xu H. et al. A method for calibrating synthetic seismic data. Patent No.: 201711276470.0
  6. Lv G., Huo S., Lv Y. et al. Method for designing irregular geometry of seismic exploration based on compressive sensing. Patent No.: 201710700703.9


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