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  No.19 Beitucheng West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100029, China

Education and Appointments:

Education and Appointments:

  • 2022.09 – present, Associate Professor, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • 2019.08 – 2022.07, Postdoc researcher, University of Toronto
  • 2018.07 – 2019.07, Postdoc researcher, Rice University
  • 2013.09 – 2018.05, Ph.D., Rice University
  • 2011.09 – 2013.06, M.S, Dartmouth College
  • 2006.09 – 2010.05,B.S., Nanjing University

Research Interests:

I am interested in understanding the interplay between deep Earth and surface processes from a geochemistry perspective. I use a multi-disciplinary approach and try to connect different fields such as sedimentary geology, igneous geology and geophysics. My research focuses on developing various approaches to constrain the time scale and magnitude of how crustal processes respond to tectonic forcings, where I integrate field observation, lab analyses and mathematical modeling, with LA-ICPMS techniques in U-Pb geochronology and mineral/bulk rock geochemistry being a central tool.

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Selected Publication:

  First author and/or corresponding author papers:

  1. Jiang, H., 2022. From carbon source to carbon sink: Influences of magmatism and erosion in continental arcs on long-term carbon cycle. Acta Petrologica Sinica, 38(5): 1302-1312.
  2. Jiang, H., Lee, C-T.A., 2019. On the role of chemical weathering of continental arcs in long-term climate regulation: a case study of the Peninsular Ranges batholith, California (USA). Earth and Planetary Science Letter, 525: 115733.
  3. McKenzie, R., Jiang, H., 2019. Earth outgassing and climatic transitions: the slow-burn towards environmental "catastrophes"? Elements, 15, 325-330.
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  5. Jiang, H., Lee, C-T.A., 2017. Coupled magmatism-erosion in continental arcs: Reconstructing the history of the Cretaceous Peninsular Ranges batholith, southern California through detrital hornblende barometry in forearc sediments. Earth and Planetary Science Letter, 472: 69-81.
  6. Jiang, H., Lee, C-T.A., Morgan, J. and Ross, C., 2015. Geochemistry and thermodynamics of an earthquake: a case study of pseudotachylites within mylonitic granitoid. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 430: 235-248.

    Collaborative papers
  7. Brudner, A., Jiang, H., Chu, X., Tang, M, 2022. Crustal thickness of the Grenville Orogen: A Mesoproterozoic Tibet? Geology, 50(4), 402-406.
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